On The Go II

Excerpt from Evernote

“The Truth” (4/20/2017)

There are only three things you can do with the truth: express, repress, and create. What does it mean to create a truth, to produce an understanding and claim, so universal and believed, that it exists, unquestioned, within the minds and hearts of others?

Expression of the truth is the simplest of the three, for it requires the least amount of action. First, one must have a truth that the desire to be shared. Not only must they have one, but it must also be tested and held in high regard by the individual charged with expression. Then, they must find a way to express it, but how? Are spoken words enough to persuade another into belief? Often times, no (the only exception being speeches, monologues, poetry, and intentional dialogue). So, how then can we share the truth? Through actions and through being.

Revolutionary Thirst

Playful Peeking 

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Pure Seduction

Anchor’s Away

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Diet Droplets

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Children of the Cart

The second option regarding the truth is manipulation. To do this, one must, just like the previous, understand and hold a truth. Once this information is established and is believed, it must be altered. If the truth isn’t altered, then an individual who expresses it is simply doing the regurgitating the original idea. In order for one to manipulate the truth, it must be a different truth than what was given. Some sort of change has to happen, whether it’s a switching of facts (and any other associated empirical data), the removal of crucial details (that render the truth illegible), or the addition of crafted evidence.

Manipulation it is inherently similar to DNA mutations. The only way a DNA sequence can be altered is through deletion, addition, or substitution. Either of these options can irreversibly change the makeup of the entire organism. Truth is not an exception to the fundamental laws of nature. A truth that has been altered is, in its own right, new; it inherits the qualities that every truth has, even if it is not authentic. But, is the truth even capable of being authentic?



Lucky Lady


Subtle Reminders

University Landing

Halting Happiness
Lastly, the truth can be created. Consider the similarity between the truth and energy. Both are essences of nature (human and natural, respectively) that have profound effects on an individual. Energy governs our physical existence, and, it can be said that truth does as well, for our being’s existence. Without energy we are motionless, and that is synonymous with death; without a truth, our spirit remains static. Also, like energy, the truth can not be destroyed, only altered or used.

Notice Board

Zelda’s Arrow

The Heart of Howl

Lazy Sunday

Siblings of the Symbol

Now, creation of a truth requires a substantial amount of human essence. It is, for lack of a better word, an impossible task. Creation requires innumerable factors: the origin of the idea, the cultivation, the experimental design, the relevance of it to the human condition, the importance of it to the individual (which may be the most important aspect), and countless other metaphysical principles that must be addressed. This being said, it can also be inferred that the creation of a truth is not only a difficult task, but one that a select few have successfully done. Then, what shall we do without our own truth? Live by the laws of others?

And, if that be the case, then who, but the artists, will be tasked with crafting the foundation of the future?

I have all the time in the world to be exposed to anything, but have very little to express anything that isn’t my own truth. 



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