TGM: Why Did You Start Taking Pictures?

A man is only as good as the tools in his hand and the treasures in his heart.

Soccer Field – Devonte Hynes

*Each post will have a link to a song, like above, that to me resonates with the moment I am sharing. Feel free to click the link and add to your experience here. The intro picture as seen above will provide a link to my Flickr account, specifically the album I’m writing about; make sure to check out all the other photos I couldn’t choose. Thank you*If you Google how to be a good photographer the first thing you will notice are websites claiming you can get great results by following their advice.

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  • Develop your skills as a free-lance photographer with our manual
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Some sites may tell you that it matters about your lenses and equipment, others will explain the importance of lighting. I have to say these are correct to a degree but I think it takes something a little more abstract. I’d tell you that in order to be a good photographer you need to be able to see  The Golden Moment.


What is The Golden Moment you may ask? The term comes from one of my favorite novels, “The Vampire Lestat”, written by Anne Rice (you should also check out her novels, most notably “An Interview with A Vampire”). It’s described as the moment where everything makes sense and is at harmony ( in the novel it also happens when you’re drunk). Taking that and applying it to photography we have the golden moment, the instant a scene becomes something more than a background. When life is at it’s fullest and all five senses merge into one, right before it fades with time. I believe this is what makes you a good photographer; I will be searching for these moments and hope you join me as I capture them.

But to my utmost joy comes from the freedom to express my experiences through photography-to capture my feelings, the images of my fellow humans, and the nature of their conditions. – Gordon Parks

When out on a shoot it is beneficial to understand what you are shooting for and more importantly why are you shooting it. If you are in the woods how are you feeling that day? Are you brimming with mysticism and turning fireflies into fairies, or are you alone and lost ready to fade with the mist? As I continue to shoot more I try to incorporate my own emotion into the frame that I’m observing. These feelings are able to change so allow your photography style and or subject change as well. Remember that you have the power to make your golden moment different each time.

I decided to take up photography blogging for two reasons:

1. To improve my craft and talent. – without the support and criticism of others I will never be able to notice my own strengths and weaknesses. So I want feedback, I challenge you as my friends and strangers to enjoy the images but also to evaluate them and me as a photographer. I want you to help me grow as a photographer and person through my pictures.
2. I want to share myself with you. – we live in a time period where social media has created a network of souls that can be accessed anywhere. I don’t want to be an outcast, but instead someone who stands proud and exposes their experiences. So whatever you see is what I want to show you in my life. And just as I will change so will my blog, it’s dynamic. So don’t be surprised if you see occasional poetry, quotes or music on the page because in my mind these are just other mediums for me to share my story with you.

Welcome to the cosmos, a place where imagination and realism blend together. I hope you will enjoy following me on my journey through this beautiful chaos called love.  Allow me to show you the vastness of my heart.

~ Peace,

 Johnny Lee Chapman

To be thirsty does not mean you crave water, it means you desire the wisdom of the world. 

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