Secret Seconds: The Pianist

Hotline Bling (Piano Cover) – The Theorist



Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Matthew V. Matthew is a commuter student to UNC-C, the son of a painter and also a free-styling piano player. Matthew stated that he “take[s] classical pieces or soundtracks and make them my own.” For example he demonstrated that he made the “Halo 4 soundtrack”…


…”It’s all made up, on the spot”

“What? You mean that you just, make it all here?” I said in disbelief.


Apparently he loves taking classical pieces and modernizing them, while also taking time periods in history. He played a snippet of a piece he dedicated to 9/11, beginning with birds chirping on a sunny day to the planes coming and the eventual aftermath. All done in musical notes, it was breathtaking.

“Do you recognize this song?” as he played a tune, I responded I didn’t know but he then showed me the original piece. “That’s Beethoven, Moonlight Sonata right?” He had transformed this tune into a new outstanding melody that sounded groudbreaking. He continued to play as more and more audience members fell into chairs. He also mentioned that his mother is a professional blogger as well, her website being Definitely check it out.

And now a short poem, entitled “A Dance of Keys”

“I’ll admit I do get jealous,

how his hands found their way to the small of your back

Each finger gracing a vertebrae, moans escaping your mouth

Rhythmic and harmonious

He’s the conductor to your soul, orchestrating the strings of your heart

To sing loudly


His grip, firm but thoughtful

Holding you as if his whole world is in you, clinging tight enough to remain but loose so that there is still freedom to breathe

You sigh, I sit and watch you two,

intent and full of jealousy

Oh how I could make you move the way

The touch of your white keys, the cold notes that I warm

He’s a piano player and a I’m a spectator but somehow your music still affects us both.

Different, but the same tune.”



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