TGM: Emerging Voices

Leading the Charge

Awaken – Dario Marianelli

The day was October 27th and I had been waiting for this moment for a long time. MERGE, the spoken word/poetry group on the campus of University of North Carolina at Charlotte was about to have their first event of the year. It was called Fear’s Very Own, a show dedicated to the topic of fear in light of Halloween. In order to appeal to this theme, my images will be devoid of color to not only try and capture the fear but also the other raw talent of student-turned-poets.

There’s a certain mysticism surrounding performance art, you cast a spell over the audience by reciting words in a rhythmic fashion. I love how dynamic the topics and emotions can proceed, how a lighthearted story can become an homage to death or an awkward encounter can bring light to a day. It’s personal but public at the same time, sharing stories with strangers. Inherently similar to photography.

Overall, a fantastic display of human emotion, each word carrying a tune from a lost soul. It’s the merging of these raw emotions that allow us to conquer our personal fears. To showcase our vulnerability, hoping to heal  in the process. I am a firm believer that everybody can write something, whether it be letters, post it notes or even full blown short stories about a grocery store clerk learns the seven secrets to life from the local customers. Writing is healing, but speaking is cathartic.

“its waking up alone and realizing that this feeling is all you’ll ever know, how words will never comfort but only cover you”




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