TGM: The Tranquil South

There is no better sound than rushing water, rough and coursing yet gentle like a whisper

The Tree of Life – Colonna Sonora

Sometimes life will take you to a place you never expected to visit. That was Greenville, South Carolina. Until I moved to Charlotte last year, the only Greenville I knew was in North Carolina. However, my job called me away for a weekend during the end of summer to work at the local store. I hit the road armed with my camera and “Anything In Return” by Toro Y Moi. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect but when I stepped foot in downtown Greenville I saw the Jewel of the South. Greenville was everything you’d imagine from a southern town gone modern, local businesses and restaurants lined the streets, families spending their Saturday night around the town and overgrown nature situated right in the city. It was untamed simplicity.

It was a city of many things but I found that summer love was in the air. Young couples were scattered throughout the area, and in the strangest of places as well. The night sky was beautiful, purple and full of opportunity as the lights looked on in admiration. I walked around completely alone and welcomed at the same time, it reminded me of home. It’s small town roots still evident despite the ever changing world surrounding it.

After discovering so much energy in the evening I eventually I found myself in a bookstore… (Continued in The Library of Chance)

Opportunity isn’t something that is made, it already exists, and is impatiently waiting for you to come. Sometimes jumping is all you should do.


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