TGM: The Library of Chance

*If you haven’t already checked out my post discussing my experience in Greenville, SC (The Tranquil South) then please do so before reading this. Of course, you don’t have to but it’ll help set the background for this post.*

DSC_0965There is no greater joy than reading a good book, a chance to lose yourself only to find it hidden between the text of someone else’s story. 

Luminous – Max Richter

Whenever I travel to a new location there are always two places I try to stop by. First being the local thrift or vintage store so I can see what the common people wear in this place; the second is the community bookstore to see what the common people are filling their minds with. You can learn a lot more about a place than any guidebook will tell you by visiting these stores. It’s a tradition I started my senior year on a trip to Atlanta for the first time. As evening pulled in and the lighting became poor I left the streets of Greenville to find myself in a bookstore. M. Judson Booksellers & Storytellers was the name of this little secret paradise. Not only was it a modernized book store but there were southern antiques scattered all around the store. Books on cocktails and cooking recipes, stories written by the community members and daring novels that challenged the status quo.

I purchased a book entitled “The Affinities” which I would definitely recommend reading if you are into sci-fi thrillers and also if you’ve ever wondered if  human interaction and relationships can be created via algorithms. After snapping a few more pictures in the cafe area which was quaint and clean, a woman sitting at her computer asked my intentions. I told her the same story of how I check out the local stores when I travel and she asked me my opinion on the library. I had just recently visited The Last Bookstore in  Los Angeles which was amazing, so I told her how the library actually used books as decorations, how it’s a place where people can donate books and records, and there are even art studios for local artist.  Life works in an interesting way for the woman I was talking to was one of the co-founders of the bookstore. We discussed books and Fuquay-Varina and then she allowed me to continue my photography so long as I spread the word of her store.

So for any of you avid readers who may travel to Greenville, South Carolina, please drop by M. Judson Booksellers & Storytellers. It’s an open and inviting bookstore that you’ll probably leave with a happy stomach and a soul created with words.

Southern Comfort, Ladies and Gentlemen


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