Sober Magic


The invincible sun, a stalwart protector of humanity. But a lonely soul who wanted to embrace all. 

Hasta la Raiz (Instrumental) – Natalia Lafourcade

Animals do some strange things for the winter. Some get ready for the season by eating massive amounts of food and hibernating, others find warmth by huddling together and there are even some who decide to forget winter altogether and travel South. I can say that we humans aren’t that different from our bestial companions; my family being of the latter breed. Every year for the last three years my family has taken a tourist vacation to Cancun and each time the sun feels a little bit brighter. Yes, I can admit that we are tourists and we stay in a nice hotel, but we are also open to learning new culture as you will see from the images. (Bear with me and these shots, I only had my camera for a solid month before I took this trip!)

I wanted you to see that there are two things you experience when you travel; you unveil a new world and lifestyle, but you also discover something about yourself. As with these images, half the time my lens was on the world, the other half was spent capturing the transparent love between my family. We take this trip during winter because it is the only time we have now that I’m out of the house. We spend so much time together that by the last day of vacation we’re ready to go home, but our frustration sometimes is just misplaced love.

After traveling with my parents and sister, I have come to respect and value them as more than just people I spent my life with, but people who taught me how to spend my life. It took us flying thousands of miles from home to realize how important family is to an emerging adult.


Keep your family close, no matter how far away you are. They are the only ones in this world who will stick with you during your toughest moments and greatest triumphs.






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