TGM: Crossroad


April (“Definitely, Maybe” Soundtrack) – Clint Mansell

I attend the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. A relatively new college located in the northern area of Charlotte, dubbed the “University Area”. It’s a quieter side of Charlotte, and the campus is truly the essence of this place. UNC-Charlotte is a public university but it is currently geared towards commuter students. Majority of the population lives in the surrounding areas (including myself) instead of directly on campus which is reserved for underclassmen. Despite being commuters or campus students they all converge into one centralized location which happens to be my favorite place to sit, the Student Union. On this day I brought my camera and tried to capture the crossroads of education and opportunity, the intersection where  all types of students came together under a mid-day sun.

Two females enjoy some sun and discussion.
Two women share a laugh as they wait for the green light.
A student publicly cuddles with a book.
A student passes the time by listening to her favorites.
A millennial prepares to start her daily journey.
A couple showcases their love for each other and campus.
Two students enjoy milkshakes and awkward photos.
A visitor shares his viewpoints with his fellow friends.
A student participates in the Humans vs. Zombies game
A student reporter asks Prince questions about police influence on campus
A student reporter scans for his next scoop.
Looks like graduation is in the air.


Jamison, the local guru.

There is a wellspring of life on a college campus. Various people, ideals, fashion and culture come together in one institution. Divided only by the buildings, its a place where all walks of life head down the same pathway. Lately there are debates about is college right for you and I have opinions on both sides, but I believe that its what you learn outside the classroom that makes college essential. It’s the surviving new and constantly changing schedules, balancing various relationships both business and personal while discovering yourself, and all the while trying to obtain a goal that costs four years and some thousands of dollars. Time is not to be wasted here, however it is key to soak up the lessons from the wellspring because once you leave its over…

There is no greater civilization than the university, stars and souls collide to create life long learners.


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