Everybody has a different point of view, some truth they apply to their lives. It shapes their vision, their motions and most importantly their experience. Now more than ever, people are sharing their experiences with the world. Whether it’s  through desperately written poetry, benevolent art crafted by dirty hands or simply by waking up to take on another day. It’s brave, how these individuals bare their souls for others, unsure if they will be accepted or left alone on a quiet stage.

But people, they do listen.

Because they find something in your experience that helps them understand theirs. For me, I’ve realized that my viewpoint is that of a broken mirror. A mirror functions to reflect what is being cast upon it. Those fractured lines allow me to show the image in a different light.

Thank you to all of those who have let me share their moment and express how I felt in it. I hope my projections can represent the actual portrait of you. And with each image cast upon me, I realized that these flaws I have actually form something greater, so thank you for helping me shape my experience.


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