TGM: The Queen

I have been wrestling with the idea of calling Charlotte home for almost two years , it somehow is still a strange place now. Charlotte is broken down into sections like that of a compass and each “direction” offers a new insight on the city and the culture that lives within it. I reside in North Charlotte which is dubbed the University area, full of students and those with student budgets. West Charlotte is primarily low income housing, Uptown is the heart of the land filled with business suits and the homeless staring at the same skyscrapers, and South Charlotte is more suburban with extra funding.Through this series of photographs I would like to take you on a journey through my city, a journey that only took me half an afternoon; yet has taken me a year and a half to prepare for it.

Freedom ParkDSC_0033-2DSC_0037-2DSC_0042-2DSC_0048-2DSC_0053-2DSC_0061-2-1DSC_0065-2DSC_0072-2DSC_0079-2DSC_0086-2DSC_0096-2DSC_0107-1

Uptown CharlotteDSC_0116-1-1DSC_0121-1DSC_0122-1DSC_0135-1DSC_0137-1DSC_0142-1DSC_0145-1DSC_0148-1DSC_0151-1-1DSC_0155-1DSC_0158-1DSC_0165-1DSC_0169-1-1DSC_0170-1

North Davidson Street (NoDa)DSC_0180-1DSC_0181-1DSC_0189DSC_0194_edited-1-1DSC_0198DSC_0203-1DSC_0206DSC_0211DSC_0216

Asian Mall & Market 


You can’t really call a place home until you feel comfortable in it, it doesn’t matter how much of it you know or who inhabits it. For me, that comfortability came through capturing what I saw, and now I can officially call this home.

~J. Varina


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