-:The Power of The Island.+


I guess this story begins at 3AM, rushing through a rainy night to the airport. Hopping on a plane, traveling to Chicago, armed with a bookbag full of newly bought books and some hats. Then eventually arriving to the closest thing to Eden, The Dominican Republic.


It was an amazing place, granted I was on a resort the whole time, yet the life of the island was still seeping over the walls. The local staff giving their all to create a place of happiness, but enjoying it themselves as well. But the best part about this trip was the coming together of lives. I’m talking various lives, like Canadians, Germans, and even Chileans. And all of them stripping away their hardened exteriors to relax and reconnect with others.

Through beer drinking contests and male pageants I watched as strangers almost became family. For me, spending time between an American couple my age and then two Peruvians who barely knew English had really shown me the beauty of connection. That the scenery and joy from the island had somehow created a bubble where cultures could cross with no hesitation.

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A grand adventure of all walks of life, thousands of eager souls, ready to connect with the other. I wonder if this is how it’s supposed to be. That’s the power of the island.

~J. Varina



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