-:The Silver Lining.+

I guess this is where it begins. A trip to Cullowhee, North Carolina one weekend in November. Tasked with photographing a probate, and yet taking the time to breathe the mountain air.

I took a hike to Paradise Falls with an old friend who was an alumni of Western Carolina. As we began the hike it seemed that God was beginning to whipser through nature. The pathway being covered by dead leaves, but clear enough to still follow safely. The berries and mushrooms looking more like accessories for the trees.


As the air cooled and the surroundings change so did the feeling. Rushing water has a power unlike anything else; we just don’t hear it often. And I didn’t until my phone broke and I was disconnected from the outside world. All I had was what was in front of me. My camera. And then The Golden Moment was born.

At the beginning of the return trip we were approached by a stray dog. A frail animal with a bleak future. As the dog began to follow me I realized that saving this dog made sense in the moment. It was me and him, two strangers having to trust each other and accept that the other was there to do good. However, the dog was heavy, nervous and afraid; and the trek up to the entrance was just as perilous now that I was carrying an extra live load. But then we arrived, and now the dog and me will share that moment together.


If you’ve managed to read this far thank you. This is where it began, hidden deep within the beautiful wilderness I found my fire. This was equivalent to Link wandering in the Lost Woods and finding the Master Sword (“A Link To The Past” version). An unexpected trip, a broken cell phone and a handy camera is all it took for this to begin. I tell you this in hopes of letting you know that your passion may be coming in a way that you’d never expect it to.

I appreciate the love and attention you have shared with me thus far. I hope my images continue to show your what I see and how my world looks. And more importantly I hope this continues to make an impact in your life, no matter how big or small. Stay tuned there is much more to come these next few weeks. Be blessed.

Clouds complimenting the golden moment with a silver lining



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