TGM: Mu Zeta 40th Anniversary Ball

On Thursday, April 15th 1976 at 12:17 AM the Mighty Mu Zeta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. was chartered on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. You may have heard of the chapter recently as they performed a step tribute during Carolina’s annual Late Night With Roy celebration. This was done in order to honor our late brother, Stuart Scott (The performance can be seen here). But our chapter has been here for quite a while and this past weekend was a birthday celebration unlike ever before. Forty years (and lines) since its inception the chapter has remained a driving force in the UNC community.

These next series of posts are dedicated to my chapter, to my brothers old and current, and to those who laid the foundation for that which is the 447th house of Alpha. On Saturday April 16, 2016 the chapter hosted its anniversary ball. Despite all the accolades and titles, we remain the baddest frat in Chapel Hill still, and these photos are proof of that.


Chapter Founder A. Leon Miller addressing the crowd.
Michael Morrison, Dean of the newest line.
Chapter Founders greet one of the newest members, Jordan Peterkin.
Members of the Miss Black & Gold Court
Current Member Winston B. and his date, the Phylicia C., the Miss B&G Queen from 2014.
Michael M. and his date, Dasha Shaw of the Theta Pi Chapter of AKA
Theta Pi, AKA Chapter at UNC-CH
MZ Mob



Strolling, also known as Party-Hopping is our way of expressing love for our fraternity. Most organizations have certain songs that they perform to. For us, we have “Get Loose”, “Down for My…” and “Bricks”(Lit, right?). Each time period has new set of songs but each utilizes the original moves. These photos below are some of the raw moments captured.


Eras of Mu Zeta.

For 40 years Mu Zeta has been a beacon of light for UNC-CH to follow; sticking to the motto “First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All”. It is a rare feeling to know that you belong to an organization such as this one; it is even more amazing to meet those who founded and developed the chapter. Sitting at tables listening to their stories about Chapel Hill was enlightening and humorous; for most of the their stories could be told by us younger members. Although we all attended a very different Carolina, Mu Zeta allowed us all to experience something similar. It is through this bond that we continue to move forward as one chapter, and continue to create a legacy of Black, Old Gold and Carolina Blue.

70’s& 80’s
90’s & 00’s
Fall 2010: Manifest Destiny
Spring 2012: New World Order
Spring 2014: The Great Awakening
Fall 2014: Six Titans of Insurgence
Fall 2015: The Beacon of Bablyon

Here’s to another 40 years for Mighty Mu Zeta.

Ace-Tail Spring ’12

J. Varina

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