TGM: WCBD Pin Promo

“When your brother has a cause, it becomes your’s too”

The video below is the work of me and my line brother, Anthony McClenny (visuals by me, edits by him). Anthony is currently a medical student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as well as the Marketing Director for White Coats, Black Doctors. This organization is dedicated to the unity and empowerment of minority healthcare professionals. The video below is promoting their new lapel pins.

“We are excited to introduce the White Coats Black Doctors Lapel Pins. Available in silver and gold, the WCBD lapel pin is a sleek, subtle and sophisticated way to display solidarity among your colleagues. Visit to purchase your pin today!”

This video doesn’t exist

I encourage any minority healthcare professionals and students, (pre-health as well) to support this cause. Pins can be ordered from their website. As stated earlier, let this pin serve as a symbol of solidarity and join the movement. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram as well.

“Movement is ideal, but progress, progress is what we should seek.”

This organization is steadily altering the way minority students thrive in the healthcare field and their upward movement is what makes this a Golden Moment.


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