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The Tools, The Talents, The Travelers
The Tools, The Talents, The Travelers

Hey everybody, hope life is treating you well. I’m about 18 days late but each month I’ve been adding a new feature to my blog. This month I’m going to be getting viewers involved by hosting a poll. At the halfway point of each month I’ll introduce a new poll and collect the results. Not only will you now be involved but in return I’ll recreate a photo series based on the results. For the first month I’m going to recreate a photo series based on three albums, if you’re unfamiliar with any of their work then click on the album title to listen to a song.

  • Lp1– FKA Twigs. A mechanically intimate album with passionate falsettos and grungy beats.
  • Cupid Deluxe – Blood Orange. A studio orchestra accompanied by the lyrics of artistic mogul, Dev Hynes.
  • 808’s & Heartbreak – The autotune masterpiece of Kanye West, full of melancholy emotions.

I’ll be starting with these three because they were the first to pop into my head, each being a work of art in it’s own light. I not only encourage you to vote (which only takes a click) but also leave a suggestion in the comment section about the next poll I should do. Thanks and now back to the photos!


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