TGM: Up All Night

I want to pose a question…why do we believe in dreams and passions? The two are both abstract qualities that we hold to a high degree but what is it about them that awaken our true humanity? I may not know the answer yet but I have found those who may have an idea. Recently,  I had the rare opportunity to see the dream of a young man come together with the passion of a survivor. The merging of the two happened at the most unconventional location, a rollerskating rink in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Skate at Kate’s

Classic games can still provide current fun

Time in a Bottle

Wheels and Steel


Rock Hill, South Carolina
I was introduced to Jason Jet at a previous event, Dammit Fannie, and began to follow his journey via social media. He began to pub an event that would serve as a music video shoot for a song on his upcoming EP “The Great Escape.” The event brought out families and die-hard skaters on a rainy Sunday evening. Tunes were provided by Dj Fannie Mae, as she transported the crowd back into the 70’s & 80’s with some classic roll bounce. Local artist Dammit Wesley came and crafted a live painting of the headline star. Guests laced up their wheels and exchanged their dollars for quarters and the night began. My inner 12 year-old took over and for the first thirty minutes I found myself skating underneath the purple disco lights. While the arcade games buzzed and tables were cleaned, the sound of tuning instruments could be heard in the background and the attendees prepared for the real event.

Three gentlemen work together to repair a wheel

Days at the Rink


Dammit Wesley demonstrating a live painting.

Couple skating requires a great amount of trust in your partner

Tamara and her husband, Jaron Norman.

-:Training Wheels.+

-:Flashing Lights.+

We all find ourselves out of control every once in awhile.
The live musical performance while skating was an rare experience. A stage was set within the middle of the rink and the crowd swarmed once the concert began. Jason appeared in front as the lead vocalist while Paco, draped in an Ortiz jersey, supported with drums. A headband was wrapped around Tspoon as he provided the keys. On the opposing side stood Yo Major with his guitar and Jeremy Maher who slapped around the bass. A youthful sensation could be felt inside the entire complex, parents and children alike bounced to the high energy performance. Their music is a breath of fresh air from the over-saturated beats and excessive crooning populating our radios; instead conjoining well-crafted lyrics and instrumental rifts with a hint of modern funk. During his introduction, Jason confessed that he “had this dream since [he] was a kid, to shoot a music video in an old school skate rink.” Here he was, years later, finally fulfilling his dream without any hesitation.

(Click here to be taken to their Soundcloud profile.)

Yo Major & Jeremy on the strings.

Big Papi Paco

Tspoon the Teacher

After the performance, Jason called forth Mrs. Tamara Norman, the other sponsor. Mrs. Norman was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2011 and is a healthy survivor, but she also is one fantastic skater. Moments prior to her speech, she was zooming around the rink throwing in the occasional twist in the process. A couple of the talented skaters were decked out in Laces & Wheels shirts. Interestingly, it is the personal brand of Tamara and the name of her blog (which can be viewed by clicking here). A henna tattoo decorated her arm as she reached for the mic to address the crowd, beginning with her story.  She spoke of her battle with the disease and how her passion for skating carried her to a place that treatment couldn’t have taken her. A snippet of her speech can be seen below.

This video doesn’t exist

The Norman Family

The Birth of a Role Model
So what happened exactly here on this night? The dream of Jason Jet and the passion of Tamara Norman combined in order to bring diverse individuals under one roof and provide them with a message.  Dreams are ideals and goals we seek to accomplish, they keep us up at night, figuratively and literally. Some individuals have many dreams while others have a select few; but inevitably, we all have them. Despite what we have been conditioned to believe, a dream is something that is still worth chasing even into adulthood. Every day there are people, like Jason, who are actively seeking their dreams and will continue to do so until they become a reality. Passion is the raw energy that dwells within all of us. It is the combination of feeling and desire, eventually becoming a lived experience. Passion isn’t something we’re born with, we acquire it over time. The origin of the word actually stems from suffering, which is interesting because most people discover their passions after a conflict, whether it be internal or external. Built up emotions are volatile; yet with a strong enough spirit these radicals can be converted into something beneficial for all of us. This is why passion makes us feel alive, it is the same reason as to why Tamara could break free from her illness. Dreams are the boots that we all find comfort and stability in; and passions are the wheels that allow us to move forward, just like a pair of skates. The proof can be found in the stories of these two individuals. Whether you’re pursuing a dream or developing a passion, remember to always believe in them for that is the way to the great escape.

Dreamers & Believers

The Golden Moment Presents: “Up All Night” with Jason Jet

Rule Bender & Creator
What inspired you to host a music video at a skate park and to partner with Tamara?

My dream has been to infuse live music in unordinary places. Skating rink seemed like a concept that rarely happens and I had to do it. Tamara Norman’s story was moving and touching and I felt like her journey of being a skater tied perfectly into the concept of the video.

Who or what is Jason Jet to you?

A rule bender and a creator.

What can we expect next from your group?

The premier of the music video Up All Nite on July 15. It’s going to be epic. Plus it will be my birthday !

That wraps this post up, thanks for viewing.  Also if you’re still here take a minute to vote in this month’s poll.




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