Charlotte Uprising (2/2)


Part Two

When we think of movements we often picture one large body of nameless faces heading in one direction; but a true movement is comprised of various individuals, each equipped with their own values . Few times are we granted the opportunity to view the raw and often powerful emotions that persuade an individual to join the group, but upon entry he/she learns that they are not alone. Something was born on these streets, a new and powerful force created during the “uprising”. It wasn’t violence like the media portrayed, but rather something generated from peace. It was a living organism, comprised of various cells, each learning to move with the one next to it in hopes of achieving victory. And what is that victory? It could be many things, but in this instance I believe it is unification and in this unification, power is channeled for a purpose.  Many times, individuals say they do not have enough power to make a difference and this is often true (I once felt this way as well). We hear the phrase “power to the people”, but I’d like to make the adjustment and rephrase it to”power from the people”. These images below will explain what I mean, that the power of a movement isn’t given to unit; rather it is a byproduct of the bonds formed. I hope these photographs will give you the chance to see the power each person has, and what can be accomplished when you combine the passion of humans, together, into one unit.

Friday September 23rd

A delivery man makes a quick stop at the memorial
“I’m scared, I’m scared because that could’ve been me”
Mrs. Pierson comforts the young brother during his breakdown. Until this moment, they had not met before. 
“I’ve got family here, my aunt lives here. I grew up in Wilmington” 
“Last Scoop”
“Freedom Fighter”
“Quiet Storm”
“The people united, we’ll never be defeated”


“The Ally”
“I’ve been out here for the last four days now, I just want to say this is beautiful”
“Fist Bump”




A woman traveled from Ferguson to lend her strength





Saturday, September 24th

A leader performs a spoken word piece to prepare the crowd for the march
“Rhythmic Revolution”
Activist Bree Newsome teaches the crowd about the history of the Mecklenburg County Courthouse
“Still I Rise”
“All lives matter, when Black Lives Matter”
“Torch Bearer”
“Offensive Front”
One of the many rifles being carried around throughout the weekend. The national guard was called in due to the “state of emergency”.
“Cardboard Conviction”
“Ancestral Actions”
“A new group may have to fight for reorientation of many of the values of the old order” – V. O. Key, Jr.


Sunday, September 25th

“The State of America”
One of the many nonblack allies, 
“Innocence Lost”
“Battle Cry”
“Brighter Days”
“Matrimonial Medic”

At the memorial I met Mrs. Pierson, a neighbor in the community where Keith Lamont Scott was shot. She claimed (paraphrased) that the death was nothing short of a tragedy however the neighborhood finally had a reason to come together. This is what happened in Charlotte, individuals from all walks of life, ethnicities, religions, orientations came together. Of course there are other things that happened, but the most important one is that Charlotte became united. In these days to come, it is important to be organized and prepared, for whatever the future may hold. If you haven’t been to a protest or marched then do not criticize it’s efficacy. Of course, it may not lead to political reforms, but the people you meet on the burning black pavement may end up becoming your allies or even friends one day. Do well to remember that organization is the only way to compete against organizations; should the day come that we must stand for our beliefs, I hope to be standing with the men and women I met during this Golden Moment.   I believe that each person holds power, some have more than others, but everybody has some degree of power. The question that everybody seeking change must ask themselves is not “am I ready?”, but rather “Am I willing?” Once you take a step towards change, there is no going back; but you will never have to walk alone.

“Adolescent Artivist”


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