TGM: Concrete Cosmos


New York City. The best representation of the world, condensed into a bustling city full of high fashion icons, towering skyscrapers, and frigid nights. Here, one can find nearly every nationality, identity, and personality all on the same metro line (shoutout to the 6 line).  Every time I visit this city (my second time this year, 3rd total), I am completely swept away by the tides of life. Each step on the sidewalk sends a jolt of fresh lightning through my body and I feel that infinity is possible to reach within this city. My last trip was only a 48 hour adventure, however this deadline only pushed my wandering mind into overdrive. I’ll share some of the images captured along with a few entries from my journal, I hope you will enjoy them.

-:No Shave November.+
Fun fact. My favorite rom-com, “When Harry Met Sally”, shot a scene here. 
-:Architectural Aviation.+
-:Fahrenheit’s Flower.+
-:Subway Stickers.+
-:Olympian Overdrive.+
-:Misread Texts.+


…The noise and clamor that I witnessed in March was now reduced to a minuscule vibration. Silence has been the secret to this trip. We went to a bar and as soon as the door opened, it felt like we entered a soundproof vacuum. The bustling street was replaced with dark tables with half melted candles atop of them and the dimly lit walls decorated with detailed murals of monks…This city is teaching me to value the hidden silence that can be found anywhere you seek. Nobody spoke on the metro back home. It’s amazing what you can listen to, not hear, when the noise is low…

-:Runaway Carriages.+
-:Memorial Services.+
-:The Queen’s Seal.+
One of the many messages inscribed on the Brooklyn Bridge.
-:Questionable Decisions.+
-:Fixed Reality.+
The New York Starter Kit
-:Coup de Grâce” 

“Living Art”

Cherry red lips

tucked underneath angled nostrils

A bridge suspending two lenses

For eyes to gaze through.

Her hair is embedded with royalty,

Obsidian minerals glimmer

As light dances across each strand,

Creating a black sea of beauty.

Cheek bones chiseled out of

Michelangelo’s private stock;

I am in love with a statue…

DPS doing DPS things
A cyclist breaks his routine for a bagel
-:Radiation Waves.+
-:Unwelcomed Guest.+
-:Shredded Ambition.+
-:Immigrant Inquisitor.+
While briefly standing on the sidewalk, I removed my headphones from my ears, and allowed this man’s music to enter my ears. His tune may have been forgotten, but his face will forever live on. 
-:Chinatown Celebrities.+
-:Sixth Circle.+

“Hudson’s Creek ( & Extra Writings)”

…when I return home this evening, I bet I will be different again; that is what this city does. It reaffirms my desires and dreams; I don’t learn anything new in New York, instead the thoughts in my head and heart are allowed to swirl without any distortions. Every time I come here I feel scarcely closer to my true self, or maybe I define who that is. To be immersed in a universe of celestial faces, dying stars, and shooting comets is what it feels like when I am here…This city is dangerous because it eliminates the barriers we place on ourselves. Infinity is possible in New York City. There is nothing stopping you from pursuing your goal here; the only, (and greatest) obstacle on your progress, is yourself. The phrase, “if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere” is beyond cliche, but there is always truth in cliches…

I am a solitary explorer, traveling through the avenues and alleyways, wondering if my waking particles can coexist with this sleepless universe.


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