TGM: Micro-Magnets


The microphone. An object constructed out of warped metal, meshed wires, and chrome screws. Ordinary, a simple pole situated under the spotlight, connected to an empty stage. It is here where the charges of the human spirit are drawn, positive and negative forces moving from lyric to lip to lavalier before settling into the listening ears of the obscure audience. The microphone is a magnet.


Expressive. Deep. Thought-provoking. These are but a few of the words we use to describe poets, and they all are true. However, a poet is more than a simple well placed adjectives. A poet is a conduit of nature, and a magnetic force. Magnetism is a property of physics where an object with a naturally flowing current is able to generate an attractive force, thereby bringing objects within its reach.







untitled – 1/22

“I approached the microphone, staring at the antique chandelier above, wondering if my words were for the audience or myself. As soon as my lips curled to break the silence, the room and all within it disappeared. The ticking of the clock on the wall, the light emanating from the ceiling, the molecules escaping my lungs; it all synchronized into one unexplainable element…”

– Fin


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