On the Go

While scouring through the subways and sidewalks, one must be aware of their surroundings. At each location, there is something-an obscured object, a taste in the air, a flush of inspiration-waiting to be discovered by the observant wanderer. To travel means to consciously relinquish the safety of sanity, and allow your soul to be delivered into the hands of the unpredictable world around you.

This body of work originates from my mobile device, my notebook on the go. While flowing with the current of time, one is rarely granted peace; photographs and poems must be procured in an instant, lest the opportunity dissolve in the dusk.

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Statesville, NC
Durham, NC
My entire life depended upon that singular moment. If it would’ve been shattered, I dare not say the results. But, we made it.

I watched a motorcyclist flip off a middle-aged woman while a luminous rainbow spawned from the southern sky. These moments, what do they mean? And what will I do with them? Maybe, it is time to choose. 


Chatham County, NC
Chapel Hill, NC
There are no rumors about a marriage.

Being unique is everybody’s goal, rather than being themselves, and the societal definition of uniqueness is quite standard; are we being fooled?


Hudson River, NY
New York City, NY
Only the ideas that we actually live are of any value – Herman Hesse

The goal is not to give them a regurgitated experience, but, instead place within them an object that will unconsciously will them to respond with wonder, passion, and a bevy of other emotions. 


Chinatown, NY
New York City, NY


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Learning to live is a challenge, however, these days have been full of freedom, a silent liberation from the mundane. 


Journal entries

All about the daily happenings

Climax is the battle

Writes about the end




Unknown, NY


Unknown, CT
I doubt my efforts because we are so far away from success. 

“You have to bring effort everyday” – A name forgotten. 



Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA
Tomorrow is an abyss


I know that this could be real,

and I know what you want to feel. 



New Haven, CT
Unknown, NY
“In Photos, In Time”



Falling in love, real love, is finding someone

who’s world you can’t wait to wake up within.


Manhattan, New York
Chapel Hill, NC
The places you travel have a greater impact, when you return.

“The Charm”


They say it takes three times to know something.

The first time you must conquer congenital ignorance

Tackle and tussle with the unknown

Hands clawing at shadows upon the wall of the cave

Believing these phantoms are real.

The issue lies with you, not the world

A mind not yet tainted by the truth

Every element becomes a fragment of a kaleidoscope

Hypersensitivity and alertness force adrenal glands

To leak unnecessary hormones into the heart

But then. You believe.

That this is it, and there is no greater pleasure than knowing.

The second time is embedded with danger

You can no longer hide behind ignorance

The experience gathered has created a zone of limbo

Not informed to understand everything,

Yet wise enough to know more than nothing.

A thin line has to be teetered

And the cable below your feet

Can only take so much tension before it breaks

So you must choose.

To dive into the whirlpools of darkness

Or divert your dream and stay the same

The second time is so terrifying because of the choice,

and we humans, are so very afraid to do so.


The third time is when a conclusion is created.

Ignorance has been tamed to the point of appreciating the new.

By now, muscles have memorized the movements

The rhythm of sidewalks

As one travels from curb to countryside

Unafraid to step into the abyss of ambiguity.

A mental conclusion is not the end.

One must accept the truth,

Coming to terms with an idea that was, once frightening

Now, it serves as proof that you are capable

Of confronting the unknown.



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