Alchemical Alterations

“Notes on The Alchemist (by Paulo Coelho)”

We must come to recognize the language of the world before we embark upon our journey. The language is something that all can understand; however, we must be the one to actively seek it.

The omens of life are what turn our attention to the language, yet ultimately, it is our decision to listen to them. Everything speaks this language, which is why the world works the way it does.

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Our initial perceptions regarding the world and life should be shed in order for us to learn the truth; because it has always been there, waiting to be discovered.

God wrote the history of the world as well as our individual story with the same ink. Knowing this, we should have no fear of moving forward because our dreams are scripted from the same quill that brought forth reality, and the Hand that wrote said truths will never leave us nor forsake us.

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Apprentice Alchemist


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