-:Promised Sand.+


What if for a day you could experience it backwards? Beginning with the night and ending with the morning sun? There is a mystical power that comes from being on an island, an encompassing feeling that seeps through the sand and tiled floors. No matter the construction or location of the hotel, the island is always present and more importantly, felt. To me, the island granted the world a power to stay locked into a singular moment, just for one night. Although I couldn’t do it while there, you, the viewer can. Below you will find the movements of my last night on the island. Full of the places and things that made me want to re-live this experience.

“Foam. by J. Varina”

I ran to you, bare

my toes in the sand.

Our bodies covered by the shadow of palms

The wind smells of your perfume

Sweet and thick with joy

Your scent still lingers, 

and treasure hangs around my neck

Dancing off my chest,

Reminding me of the rhythm of the waves

Soft foam that melted between our hands,

how quickly our love faded into the dawn.



“Sin Titulo” de Fabiola

I write to you, 

with love and sorrow

Because my hands the brings a wave of silence

I write

Because I have a beat bigger than my chest when I think of you

And,  every night in my dreams

We come back to the sea


“Four AM.” by J. Varina
A table full of bright eyes
Lips that speak but words that don’t hear
A cup of beer sits in silence
Spilled spices decorate the floor
But smiles
Faces full of drunken joy
Laughter and questions
Kisses goodbye and welcoming hugs
The foam sits on my lip
Music in the air
A final boarding call waiting on all of us
But happily ignorant to the coming end.


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