-:The Bike Stand.+

The day was beautiful. The first day of seventy degree weather in New York City, and everybody arose from hibernation. Central park was bustling with life, full of energy beyond normal comprehension. Multiple walks of life converging on one area, each with their own pathway. Eager to experience the fluidity of the city I went searching for a bike to rent. I found a stand tucked away in the park, next to Tavern on The Green. Two people were tinkering with carbon copy bicycles. We spoke, pictures were taken and stories exchanged. This is the time I spent with them, two mechanics.


The first mechanic spoke with a soft voice, but provided valuable wisdom about navigating the city. He then shared how he was a guitarist in a local heavy metal band; proving that one can be multiple things in this city. The other, spoke not a word but worked. Twisted wrenches and yanked chains with grace, this was his art and he was in the midst of creation.


If you decide to move out to the city, ¬†don’t think anybody will give you what you want here. You have to work, to stay hungry and make opportunities. ” – Eli


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