-:The Nature of Mental Health.+

The Greenway
It’s hard to feel color when you believe you’re an empty vessel.

Funeral Canticle (The Tree of Life) – John Tavener

Mental health, just the words alone conjure up images so bizarre and strange that I’d rather not describe it anymore. But, it’s not that. It’s a break away from the normalcy of human life, to have an internal conflict with yourself. Whether it be the chemicals being transmitted in your brain or your lack of desire to eat. I have reached a stage in my life where I am becoming comfortable about sharing my truths with you, and with that I’ve come to learn a few things about about mental health and how it can be found in nature.

  1. It doesn’t mean you are crazy
  2. It doesn’t mean you are broken
  3. It doesn’t mean you are sick

No, mental health means that you have been chosen to fight an extremely challenging opponent, yourself. You wage war against your own being in hopes of becoming the one who reigns in the end. The only other patient that can experience mental health besides humanity is our dear Mother Nature. Her moods are always changing, poisonous thoughts growing over others, and emptiness that cannot be filled. Yes, nature has been struggling with her health, just like many of us do. I would like to show you her truths…

ADD/ADHD – The mind moves at a million thoughts per minute, preventing any form of solace. A leaf dangles onto the last hope for clarity, victim to the wind.
Anxiety – A debilitating curiosity towards the unknown. Winding pathways that lead to no destinations.
Autism – An awkward smile combined with the innocence of wonder. Soft mushrooms drunk off the morning dew.
Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar Disorder – The switching of emotions with the drop of a pen. The rails wonder when the bridge will become unbalanced.
Depression – A deep well in the shallow heart. Colonies of bubbles reveal where the drowned reside.
Eating Disorder
Eating Disorder – The desire to be skinny leads to the manipulation of diet. An empty river flows to provide temporary nourishment.
OCD – An uncontrollable desire to repeatedly perform a certain task or thought process. The act of growing multiple berries on one stalk, nature bears her obsessive character.
Personality Disorder
Personality Disorder – The generation of a second soul, hidden within one body. A bench covered in leaves will sit total strangers together.
PTSD – A memory of a time full of suffering or pain, that reappears when everything is calm. Rings of peace are surrounded by the leftover thrashing of life.
Schizophrenia – Viewing the world through a kaleidoscope. The light reveals the spiders webbing only to be ensnared itself.

The winds will come and the waves will crash but the violent storms make the best sailors. 


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