New Chapter, Old Truths

Hello, it’s been awhile. I’m taking today to catch you up on my recent updates, and there are quite a few. We can think of this as a performance review of sorts. As multiple transitions are occurring both in community and country, I would like to briefly highlight my transition as well. But before we go any farther, I want to first thank the people who have assisted me.  Whether you shared ideas or conversations, got in front of the lens or helped me get comfortable with my own, I thank you. I wouldn’t be at this point if it wasn’t for your support!

here I stand.on the shore.under the stars.fretting over time and lost souls

A special thanks to Cecil, Tyler and VZ Vibez, for giving me the opportunity to address the artists and allies of Charlotte. Thanks to Danny and The Seller’s Group,  for allowing me to work as a contributor in the visual media area. Also special mention to The Social Contract, Railz The Principle, Jason Jet, Official T.V., Ryan Pham, Manny, Brandon, Bianca, C.J., Tashawn, Rowan, Kris, and LaDarian for sharing their Golden Moments with me.

Flash Dance (Raleigh)


First, let’s address the elephant in the room, or the speck in the lens. If you knew me before the visuals then you are probably wondering about dental school. To sum it up, it’s been a long process with applying, waiting, interviewing and being placed on the waitlist. Finally, I have been given results. They are not the results I initially wanted, but the ones that were given. I never gave up on my dream; however the reality, as it often does, proved to be different than my expectations. In light of this, I’m attempting my dental hygiene licensing exam in the coming year, and I’m spending my days preparing for that. Whew now that that’s over, we can get to the good stuff.

Shot One
Hometown Heroes (Elliot, Raleigh)

I finished my post-baccalaureate program at UNC-Charlotte and officially left the Queen City. I’m back in the good ol’ streets of Fuquay-Varina, NC. Coming back home is an interesting experience to say the least. I’m realizing how little I know of Raleigh, my surrogate city, and how well I know myself. Some things are brand new, some are gone, and some are the exact same as you left them. This also means my home base for work is in Raleigh, NC.  If you’re in the surrounding area, I’d love to link with you and exchange ideas and get you in front of the lens as well.

Black Excellence (Lj, Raleigh)
Soft Hope (A.J. the Survivor, Raleigh)


There is still no sign of a style in sight yet, and I hope that there will never be one. Right now I’m enjoying the diversity of life, however, I must admit I find myself doing more street and portrait photography now. We shall see where that leads. Lastly, I’m accepting clients and work in the RDU area, so check out my pricing page if interested in booking a shoot.

Natural Flavors (Janis & Tashawn, Raleigh)
Second Shooter (Brandon, Charlotte)

I’m almost done collecting material for “Dogwood”. I aim to turn this body of work into a guide for NC day-trips, complete with my personal reflections from each destination.

Uwharrie Forest
North Carolina State University

The Eyes of NC. It’s a guild for the photographers here in the Tar Heel State. Some are born and raised and others have come in search of that southern charm. Each individual brings a refreshing presence and authenticity to the fray, and able to share shots and space. You’ll be seeing more of us and our work soon.

Lens Crafters
Into The Wild (Kaylynn & Ryan)


As most of you know I started playing around with photography in November, but not many may know that I’ve been doing videos since January. Ultimately, I’ve been training my hands, eyes, and mind for film. The links below will take you to a few personal projects that I’ve completed. If you’re interested in having an event recorded, need some extra concert footage, a music video or even a commercial for your product then contact me.

Unity Experience Cypher

The Hands of Ashe

Contributor Feature

Film is the ideal medium to use when transmitting a message. It combines sights, sounds and souls. This is where my heart truly lies, so stay tuned for more audiovisual work as the year progresses. 


It began with writing so it’s only natural that I mention it. I’m writing everyday, and I love it. Bringing ideas to life and wrapping them in ink or pixel is a refreshing feeling. There are personal notes from book selections, poems being developed and even a full-length story in the works.

“I will write my ideas down, because they will be affirmed by ink. This black skin will wrap itself around the fragments of my soul” Entry from 8/17 (Wilmington, NC)

Before anything else I was a writer, and I hope to always keep it that way. If you’re reading this, it’s not too late to begin writing. Write each day you have breath in your lungs, even if it’s just your name.

My other page, The Nuclear Cottage, is my digital notebook. If you’re interested in checking out any of my writing then follow the link. 


This election has been a massive heartache for many Americans, despite color and creed. Not only do we need to exercise our rights, but we must also prepare ourselves for the after-effects of this election. There is more division then ever before and we, as a people, are being weakened as we continue to drift from one another. Instead I believe we should be coming back together, and that begins by uniting ourselves under a common goal. What that goal is yet, I don’t know, but I do believe we will find one worth reaching when we first come together.

The March
Focus Group

The seeds of turmoil and triumph are budding in my city. American streets are once again tasting innocent blood, as the world continues to be soaked in it. Change happens in many ways, but it always begins with awareness. My mission is not to lead, it may not even be to unite, but I will bring awareness to these issues plaguing the people of Raleigh. I’m drafting out ideas for an art exhibit, entitled “One Seventy Three/187”. This is something I believe we can use to bring awareness to the effects of violence in a community. If you are interested in contributing in any capacity then please contact me, I’m looking for allies and artists alike.

If we want to change the future, we must first teach the youth of today. (Alesee & Zaria, Raleigh)
Southeast Raleigh Alumni Presents “Trapfit”

-:The Future.+

I can’t even begin to predict where God is taking me these days so I won’t bore you with vague suggestions. The possibilities are truly endless when you stop forcing limits upon yourself, and that begins by finding a passion. What I can do is tell you that, here and now, my passion is matching up with His purpose for me. The future will write itself according to these two elements, and my efforts will be applied to this moment, since it is the only thing I have control over.

Processed with VSCO with t2 preset
Bright Eyes for a Dark Child

Speaking of the future, I would check back in tomorrow. I’ll have a regular post, but this one will include a short film/documentary that me and my partners have been tirelessly working on. With it we plan to make a stand as catalysts for the community, using our talents and tools to create change. Author and artivist, M.K. Asante once gave a lecture to a group of students, and in this lecture he captioned the statement”if you make an observation, then you have an obligation.” Years later, one of those students is taking those words and applying it to his life. If I had to give this new chapter a title, then I would say this is my “Adolescent Artivist” stage.

The greatest mystery is discovering how to turn the chaotic imagination into tangible art.

Bonus Track:  A piano freestyle. I have no skill whatsoever, but maybe you’ll enjoy it.

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