Winter Solstice

Who knew the sun could shine this bright on the coldest of days?

Hudson River, New Jersey
Brooklyn, New York City
Jordan Lake, North Carolina
When you remember their face, do you see their eyes?
Jordan Lake, North Carolina


Each moment, each chance, each opportunity provided by God has taught me something: that these occurrences are not some trivial accident caused by a mid-looped string of fate but rather a deliberate inclusion into my world. What is provided to me is out of my hands; however, my perspective will yield to the answer most desired. What is that answer? To be able to effortlessly flow from one standalone experience to the next, moving like the sun across the horizon; that is what it means to live for the moment.


Garner, North Carolina

Your name was painted in the clouds
Undisclosed, North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina
Apex, North Carolina

An Excerpt from an Untitled Evernote Entry

The scent of freshly cut grass and exhausted diesel fuel mix in the warm air, one would never guess that it was the second week of February. Laying down, with my toes tucked between the hairs of the earth, I dream while the cloudless sky provides a perfect hue of divine blue, not unlike the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. Faeries and unclassified insects beat their moon-dusted wings, hovering inches above the verdant blades; I wonder what others beasts are hiding within the thicket. How strange, unable to see the wind with our own limited eyes, and yet we are graced to know it’s presence; leaves daring to tumble from heaven to a new home, slits of grass sway like the barnacle-infested buoy within the bay, the drifting kiss of a foreigner to whom we will never know. The rhythmic process of inspiration and exhalation remind me that we are but molecules traveling through God’s dream, waiting to be released back into the wild blue.


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