Sharing the Self

The Self-ie

Modern technology has brought us advancements that have drastically shifted the way we see both the world and ourselves. One of the most influential, (despite what the haters say), is the front-facing camera on every advanced cellular device and electronic with visual capabilities (dubbed: “selfie camera”). This may be showing my age here, but I remember when mirror pictures were the only way to accurately snap a photograph of oneself because cell phones had not yet developed a front camera. However, when this invention was put into play  it started a trend that has transcended what the creators imagined. A selfie can be a testament to a moment, a “better-than-before” pose, a portrait of joy, or even a seductive invitation. There are some people who dedicate one selfie to each day they have breath and then others who only show their face every once in a blue moon. But, what would happen when others join you in the photograph; how would your pose change? Which angle would you use and why? Who would be the central focus of your shot? These questions and the randomness of life led to the creation of this project.

What can we tell about ourself when we take a photograph with someone else? 




Insert Bad Behavior
Tings with Blings
Southeast Soccer
Teeth Treats
Leaning Towers
“Hey…what’s goin on bro, long time no see. Let’s take a selfie.”
S.S. Nautical
Is this real life?
Pixel Portraits
Ice Cold
Pearly Whites
Carolina Vice
Flirty Thirty
“Ha, Tyler’s gonna flip when he’ sees this.”
The Logans
*yes, that’s the same piece of gum*


The Share

So, maybe the question I should pose is: who makes you do what? Your expressions will display the emotions (real or fake) that you are currently experiencing while snapping a picture with another person. The proximity of faces and bodies are closer than normal photographs, which inevitably invite some sort of influence on our own image. Not to mention the other senses; what of the scent of their perfume or the stench of spilled beer; will you be close enough to hear the rhythm of their breathing; are they hot or cold or somewhere close to your temperature; and will your eyes make stray glances towards their minute details? Or maybe you don’t consider these at all and snap away because you just liked their outfit? Whatever motivation you have for taking a selfie, continue to let it flourish. Sometimes it’s important to document your human expressions in those moments of randomness.

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